The Finders - The Finders (America)

Label:Squid Music
Highlights:Talk To Me
Don't Let It
I've Had It
Sweet Little User

Rating: 7.5/10

The Finders were an early eighties power pop band from San Francisco that were strongly influenced by British pop bands such as The Who, Small Faces and The Move. At the time they only released two singles, Which Way/It's So Insane and Calling Dr. Howard/Bad Food. This CD release not only contains these two singles but eight previously unreleased tracks that were destined to comprise the band's debut album. Hearing these tracks now highlights just what a waste it was not to release them in the first place as they would have had a lot of commercial appeal, given the right promotion.

Interestingly, the two worst songs on this CD are both from the band's second single. Both Bad Food and Calling Dr. Howard both have a novelty approach that quickly loses it's appeal. However, the rest of the songs more than make up for these two tracks. Talk To Me, Hideaway and Sweet Little User could find a place on any 70's power pop compilation while my favourite track is It's So Insane with it's cool saxophone break.

The Finders represented the more commercial side of rocking power pop, much in the vein of the Romantics and Raspberries and to the band's credit they can still hold their own along these more well known bands. With their big power chords, loud and catchy choruses, 20 second guitar solos and a Jam like urgency, I can't help but like the Finders (with a description like that how could you not?). Anyone with more than a passing interest in power pop will find a lot enjoyment from this CD.

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